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"Soup Time" for Feed My Sheep


   Christmas at the Manse 2015

Ladies' Luncheon

At Doris and Dickey Stiltner's home:

Doris using her walker!  Her beautiful Hallmark's ornament Christmas tree.  Friends visiting.



Four Weeks of Advent



Ron, Sandy and Kemper singing; Lindsay Lester doing the Advent Reading; Dylan Lester lighting the Advent Candle of Peace


The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

 was observed at Buchanan First Presbyterian Church 

on Sunday, November 22, 2015 with

Mr. and Mrs. (Ashley Matney) John Dales and children Hayden and Jace

Mr. and Mrs. (Chrissy Matney) Eric Blevins and daughter Ruby

We rejoice with these two wonderful families in the baptism of their children.





(more pictures to come)





Buchanan First Presbyterian welcomed Rev. Dr. Don Hudson to our pulpit on the past

two Sundays. Dr. Hudson is the Chair of the Philosophy and Religion Department 

of King University. King is independently governed with covenant affiliations

to the Presbyterian Church. 

A big thank you to Dr. Hudson for the wonderful messages!



Welcome Charlotte Hannah Struble!

Born 9/30/2015 to Jessie and Deter Struble. Proud grandparents are Bill and Toni Stokes

 and great grandmother Edith Gilliam. Enjoy the picture!


Best Wishes and Congratulations 

Newlyweds Brad and Sandy (Holland) Gehrman !

Sandy is the daughter of Louis and Diana Holland 

and granddaughter of the late Gene and Adele Cecil.


Happy Birthday to Pastor Brad!


Our guest minister, Rev. John Gess, with Barbara and Connie. 

They were former classmates at GSHS.

Rev. Gess' father, Rev. Paul Gess, pastored BFPC many years ago.

We enjoyed a wonderful service and fellowship dinner!


Cluster 1 Meeting, August 16, 2015, Tazewell Presbyterian Church



Familiar Faces


Sandy Dailey, Kate Silva and Judy Osborne 

visiting with Mabel Hurst.  

Gerald and Betty McClanahan surprising

 Jessie Hunt with a birthday cake

Treasured Times!


New Neighbors?

We've been viewing several of these 

beautiful birds behind our church.



A beloved minister who filled our pulpit many times, 

Rev. George Aichel with Pastor Brad during a recent visit. 


A different view of our church and neighborhood from the mountain across the road:


2015 Men's Conference

New Lodge

Group Photo


Kemper Bausell and Pastor Brad Napier


Installation of Elder Sandy McGlothlin



Welcoming from the Session

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Motorcycle Sunday Service and Dinner

(click on picture to enlarge)

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Special Guests working with Buchanan Neighbors United

Our church provides facilities to shelter this dedicated group. Meals are 

provided by many different groups and churches included our own.

Bedford Presbyterian Church, thank you for your service to Buchanan County

and for sharing this wonderful and inspiring group of young people with

our church! We will be looking forward to seeing you next year!


Abingdon Presbytery 120th Assembly


(Check Archives page for recently moved pictures and events)




Senior Recognition Sunday

Congratulations to Graduating Seniors Dylan Tate Lester and Mary Lynn Mullins!

Dylan is the son of Jeff and Kyra Lester and grandson of Dave and Lois Shanahan

and the late Billy Deel.

Mary Lynn is the youngest child of Tom and Karen Mullins. She graduated valedictorian

of her class where she also served as class president.

We are very proud of our graduates and wish them continued success in all


Mary Lynn and Dylan receiving the traditional gift of Bibles from the church.

Numbers 6:24-26

 “The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.”




Presbytery Pictures

Abingdon Presbytery held the 120th Assembly

at Buchanan First Presbyterian Church

on Thursday, June 11, 2015.

[click to enlarge thumbnail pictures]

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2015-06-11 12.30.17.jpg (1088104 bytes) 2015-06-11 12.09.44.jpg (1547027 bytes) 2015-06-11 12.33.10.jpg (1455878 bytes) 2015-06-11 10.56.08.jpg (2042966 bytes) 2015-06-11 12.41.46.jpg (1180955 bytes) 2015-06-11 12.28.56.jpg (1259369 bytes)



Organ Recital Photos

Dr. Phillip Westgate and Pastor Brad Napier





Mother's Day at BFPC



National Day of Prayer Pictures





Luncheon at the Manse

What a real treat for a special Wednesday meeting!

Delicious food, beautiful setting, wonderful fellowship and heartfelt devotional

were enjoyed by all!



















New Hymnals being ordered


for more information:


                           pastorbradbfpc@bvu.net     bfpcgrundy@bvu.net               



(276) 935-2293  



Special Service  

On Sunday afternoon, May 31 at 5:00 p.m., Dr. Phillip Westgate, Professor of Organ and Organist

at First Presbyterian Church in Pikeville, Kentucky will come and play an organ recital on 

Buchanan First’s Moller Pipe Organ. Dr. Westgate was the organist at Pastor Napier’s installation service in

August of 2014. Everyone is encouraged to come and hear his mastery of our very fine pipe organ.



Presbyterian Manse going blue for Autism Awareness Month



Local Author Festival at Buchanan County Public Library:

Presbyterians abound!


Penny, Cindy and Pastor Brad supporting the public library.


Easter 2015






Recognize this building? It's our church from the neighbor's view!


Palm/Passion Sunday 2015 at BFPC

We had an inspirational service on Palm Sunday. 

Wonderful message and music!

Visitors included Mountain Mission School Choir


Inspirational Music and Message




Grundy Baptist Church 

Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda, Africa

Spreading the Love of God through Testimonies and Music


Their energy on stage is unbelievable and exceeded only by their love for Jesus Christ!


Our church helped with housing of members of the group. 

After breakfast, the group sang a parting blessing to the hosts 

and were then on their trek back to Uganda. This ends a seven month tour

including the countries of Norway, Sweden, Canada and the USA.


CASA Banquet March 2015 at BFPC




Pastor Brad and Jeff Matney visiting with our brothers and sisters

 in Christ at the Vansant Church of Christ. 


Abingdon Presbytery

 Central Presbyterian Church in Bristol.


Buchanan County Delegation to Presbytery;  Moderator Elder Bill Parish; BFPC well represented


Buchanan County Ministerial Association Meeting at BFPC

brought welcomed tiny guests


Pastor Brad with new friends


Charlie wanted to check out Pastor Brad's beard.       Zachary giving Pastor Brad a thumb's up.


Passing the Peace during our Worship Service

DSCI0043.JPG (436503 bytes)  DSCI0046.JPG (507443 bytes)

January 8, 2015 Frozen Levisa River behind our church

Snow descended upon Buchanan County bringing frigid temperatures.

Many plans and meetings in our church, as well as in the whole area, were cancelled or postponed.



Serving others is a great privilege of the church.

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2015-01-02 12.15.33.jpg (316252 bytes)

Pastor Brad's daughter, Hannah, visiting with a dear lady in our church, Ruth Muncy.



Wednesday Morning Christmas Celebrations

(click on pictures to enlarge)

2014-12-17 14.20.42.jpg (323974 bytes)

2014-12-17 11.44.20.jpg (360198 bytes) 2014-12-17 12.17.35.jpg (261904 bytes)  2014-12-17 12.17.21.jpg (332288 bytes)  2014-12-17 12.18.24.jpg (430846 bytes)  2014-12-17 12.18.32.jpg (304309 bytes)  2014-12-17 14.34.04.jpg (1067045 bytes)  



Crossover Service New Hope Christian Church

Pastor Brad and Kemper Bausell duet for Thanksgiving songs



We are proud to announce the arrival of Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth Wheawill November 11, 2014 at 11:50am. 

Baby Kate weighed 7 lbs. 0.5 oz. and was 20 1/4 inches in length.

Congratulations to Matt and Stephanie Matney Wheawill on the birth of their second child, Kate.

We also want to congratulate the proud grandparents, Jeff and Cindy Matney, along with brother Charlie and Aunt Meredith!

   Big brother Charlie and baby sister Kate 


Pastor Brad's first wedding. Cohen and Samantha Hilton. October 28, 2014. Congratulations!



New Church Sign




Buchanan Neighbors sponsors Notre Dame Students

We were pleased to have this wonderful group break bread with us!

(click on thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

WP_20141021_005 (640x360).jpg (174318 bytes)  WP_20141021_008 (640x360).jpg (190253 bytes)  WP_20141021_012 (640x360).jpg (170719 bytes)  WP_20141021_013 (640x360).jpg (149960 bytes)  WP_20141021_014 (640x360).jpg (165190 bytes)  WP_20141021_015 (640x360).jpg (154806 bytes) 

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Monday Men's Bible Study

(click on thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

IMG_5832 (640x242).jpg (156192 bytes)

We had a cookout before Bible study

IMG_5827 (640x427).jpg (210828 bytes)    IMG_5823 (640x427).jpg (174746 bytes)

IMG_5824 (640x427).jpg (190481 bytes)  WP_20140922_002 (640x360).jpg (142939 bytes)  WP_20140922_003 (640x360).jpg (170699 bytes)

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On Sunday, October 12, at 3pm, there will be a gathering of all of the nine churches in Cluster 1 of Abingdon Presbytery. Pastor Napier is now the convener of the Cluster and the gathering will be held at Richlands Presbyterian Church. We will gather in the church's sanctuary for a time of singing, worship and fellowship. A reception will follow in the church's fellowship hall. All members of each church are welcomed and encouraged to participate.


What a wonderful meeting we had. All of the churches, with the exception of one (conflict in schedule), were well represented. Pastor Brad led us with enthusiasm and direction. We decided a Spring Gathering is in order. The date and place will be announced later, but in plenty of time for no scheduling conflicts. 


Happy Birthday, Pastor Brad!

After Bible study on Wednesday, a surprise birthday celebration was given for our pastor.

We wish him many more years of health, happiness and the joy of sharing God's messages!

WP_20140917_012 (640x360).jpg (164083 bytes)

Wearing of the Traditional Birthday Hat

WP_20140917_004 (640x360).jpg (157707 bytes)

Dangerous number of candles!

WP_20140917_002 (640x360).jpg (154453 bytes)

Gathering together

WP_20140917_007 (640x360).jpg (152884 bytes)

He's happy  :)

WP_20140917_009 (640x360).jpg (163603 bytes)

We never gather without food

WP_20140917_019 (640x360).jpg (144080 bytes)

Good friends 

WP_20140917_015 (640x360).jpg (183441 bytes)

My goodness; he had to cut his own cake!

WP_20140917_020 (640x360).jpg (159906 bytes)


WP_20140917_021 (640x360).jpg (160381 bytes)

Nice to be together!

WP_20140917_031 (640x360).jpg (190605 bytes)

Gift time!

WP_20140917_024 (360x640).jpg (148033 bytes)

Reading Cards

WP_20140917_034 (640x360).jpg (161644 bytes)

Sorry about that wrapping paper; remember, it's the thought that counts!

Study Time