We have studied women found throughout the Testaments. Now we are beginning a study of little known women who are guided by the Holy Spirit. This is the final installment of a series of diving into the service to our Triune God. This is a breakdown of what we have covered (throughout our 12 years in our existing group). We are beginning our study of A Woman God’s Spirit Can Guide. A huge thank you to Alice Mathews who is a gifted theologian and teacher! She’s the author of our study books.
Please join us for this exciting adventure!

Father (OT)
A Woman God Can Use (we have studied this)

1. Eve: How to See Long-term Consequences in Little Decisions
2. Leah: How to Live With a Man Who Doesn’t Love You
3. Rahab: How to Choose for God in Your Culture
4. Deborah: How to Lead When Called by God to Do So
5. Ruth: How to See God in the Dailiness of Life
6. Hannah: How to Deal with Depression
7. Abigail: How to Live with a Difficult Husband
8. The Widow of Zarephath: How to Cope When Times Are Tough
9. Huldah and Miriam: How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts Wisely
10. Esther: How to Use Power to Benefit Others The Proverbs
11. 31 Woman: How to Keep Your Priorities Straight

Son (NT)
A Woman Jesus Can Lead (we have studied this)

1. Jesus: How to Be a Disciple of the Master Teacher
2. Mary: How to Bring Christ to Your World
3. The Woman at the Well: How to Face Your Self “As Is”
4. Mary and Martha: How to Live Successfully in Two Worlds
5. Martha and Mary: How to Nourish Hope in Times of Loss
6. The Canaanite Woman: How to Pursue Faith in Life’s Crises
7. The Hemorrhaging Woman: How to Find Jesus in Your Pain
8. Two Widows: How to Give and Receive Graciously
9. A Sinful Woman: How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude
10. The Woman Taken in Adultery: How to Respond to the God of the Second Chance
11. Mary of Bethany: How to Make Jesus Your Priority Mary
12. Magdalene: How to Walk by Faith and Not by Sight

Holy Spirit (Pentecost) (Our New Bible study)
A Woman God’s Spirit Can Guide

1. Joanna —God’s Spirit Uses Difficulties to Guide Us
2. Dorcas —God’s Spirit Uses Our Abilities to Guide Us
3. The Hungry Greek Widows —God’s Spirit Guides Us through Negative Examples
4. Lydia —God’s Spirit Guides Us through Spiritual Dissatisfaction
5. Damaris —God’s Spirit Guides Us to Truth in a False Culture
6. Priscilla and Aquila —God’s Spirit Guides Us in Stressful Events
7. Phoebe —God’s Spirit Guides Us as Servant Leaders
8. Junia[ s] and Andronicus —God’s Spirit Guides Us through Early Experiences We Did Not Value
9. Mary, Tryphena, Tryphosa, Persis, Lois, and Eunice —God’s Spirit Guides Us in Different Paths
10. Euodia and Syntyche —God’s Spirit Guides Us to See Ourselves as God’s Servants
11. Apphia and Philemon —God’s Spirit Guides Us in a Blessed Alliance
12. Sometimes God’s Spirit Guides Women into Ministry Leadership