PW Bible Studies:
Summer, 2019 Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes Cultural Studies in the Gospels by Kenneth E. Bailey (Th.D., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis) is an author, lecturer and emeritus research professor of Middle Eastern New Testament studies for the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem. He spent forty years living and teaching New Testament in Egypt, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Cyprus, and has written many books in English and Arabic, including The Cross & the Prodigal, Poet & Peasant, Through Peasant Eyes, Jacob & the Prodigal and Finding the Lost: Cultural Keys to Luke 15. This book is rich in knowledge! We will return to it often.
Fall, 2019 We studied the Presbyterian Women’s 2019-2020 Horizon’s Bible Study. This was an in-depth look at the Ten Commandments. It was great! It looked at the origin language and, furthermore, looked at how Jesus explained the commandments.
Christmas, 2019 We studied the Matthew story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Since Matthew was written for a Jewish audience, more of the birth and younger years of Jesus connected the men involved. Dreams were used to communicate with Joseph and the Magi. Interestingly, Herod received no dreams. For this lesson, we used the book The First Christmas by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan.
Many new adventures await us in 2020! We will begin our weekly lessons on January 8, 2020.