We are collecting non-perishable food for the Feed My Sheep food pantry this January and February. Soup and canned vegetables are especially helpful.
Ryan will be out of town from February 4th – February 13th visiting family in Arizona.


January 27 – Denise Hale
January 28 – Patrick McClanahan
February 1 – Eric Blevins

For Our Prayer and Care:
Thomas​ Bailey​​​​
Karen Mullins
Aaron Baker​​​​
Valerie Mullins
Beth Bevins​​​​
Ruth Muncy
Acie Blankenship​​​
Andy Nichols
Norman Blankenship​​​
Ann Perkins
Dylan Blevins​​​​
Betty Prater
Pat Boyd​​​​
Stella Boyd​​​​
Mattie Rasnake
Peggy Caparratto​​​
Marsha Robinson
David Cecil​​​​
Larry Shelton
Reynic Compton​​​
Kate Silva
Charlotte Daniels​​​
Justin Smith
Mark Davis​​​​
Ronnie Smith
Delphine Deel​​​​
Tom Smith
Ricky Deel​​​​
Doris Lee Stiltner
Vontilla Deel​​​​
Parker Stiltner
Ethel Hale​​​​
Rylan Stiltner
Iris Hayes​​​​
James Street
Jackie Helms​​​​
Julia Tackett
Tom Holland​​​​
Edd Talbot, Jr.
Jessie Hunt​​​​
Charlotte Varney
Eunice Keen​​​​
Kaye Willard Sanders​
Dewey Kiser​​​​
Ryan Willey
Ellee Rose Large​​​
Charlie Wolford
Brenda​ Lester Sprinkle​​​
Mike Wolford
Clay Lockhart​​​​
Denise Marrs Shafer​​​
Kyle and Sue McClanahan​​
Sarah Stacey Wall
Rhonda​ McClanahan​​​
Linda Childers Dickens
​​Lolita Gillespie
Roger Justus​​​​
Haylee Church
Joe Justus​​​​
James Keen
James Street