We are collecting non-perishable food for the Feed My Sheep food pantry this January and February. Soup and canned vegetables are especially helpful.
Ryan will be out of town from February 4th – February 13th visiting family in Arizona.
Flowers provided by Anita Gilliam, in loving memory of her mother Edith Gilliam on her birthday, February 7.
February 3 – Martha Pauline Smith February 4 – Cora Nicole Holland February 5 – Terri Clark
February 6 – David Cecil
February 7 – Edith Gilliam, Sandy Holland
Anniversaries February 5 – Kemper & Connie Bausell
For Our Prayer and Care
Thomas Bailey
Aaron Baker
Beth Bevins
Acie Blankenship
Norman Blankenship
Dylan Blevins
Pat Boyd
Stella Boyd
Peggy Caparratto
David Cecil
Reynic Compton
Charlotte Daniels
Mark Davis
Delphine Deel
Ricky Deel
Vontilla Deel
Ethel Hale
Iris Hayes
Jackie Helms
Tom Holland
Jessie Hunt
Eunice Keen
Dewey Kiser
Ellee Rose Large
Brenda Lester Sprinkle
Clay Lockhart
Denise Marrs Shafer
Kyle and Sue McClanahan
Rhonda McClanahan
Roger Justus
Joe Justus
Heath Calhoun
Karen Mullins
Valerie Mullins
Ruth Muncy
Andy Nichols
Ann Perkins
Betty Prater
Mattie Rasnake
Marsha Robinson
Larry Shelton
Kate Silva
Justin Smith
Ronnie Smith
Tom Smith
Doris Lee Stiltner
Parker Stiltner

Rylan Stiltner
Julia Tackett
Edd Talbot, Jr.
Charlotte Varney
Sarah Stacey Wall
Kaye Willard Sanders
Ryan Willey
Charlie Wolford
Mike Wolford
Linda Childers Dickens
Lolita Gillespie
Haylee Church
James Keen
James Street